When it comes to a bathroom remodel, it may look simple, but you should consider the size. Bathroom renovations in Langwarrin has to be done by the professionals as it can be troublesome in some areas. Another important aspect of remodelling includes getting the best tilers in Langwarrin and waterproofing in Langwarrin. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes that are made while renovating:

  1. Lack of Planning

Before the bathroom remodelling starts by taking out tiles and removing sinks, there should be a proper plan in terms of what needs to be done with the bathroom. This plan should include a rough sketch of the finished project, including what needs to be removed, added and the total cost of all the materials that you will add to the room. This plan will help save you time in the long run as you would not have to make multiple trips to the hardware store if you have forgotten something.

  1. Is the fan necessary?

One of the most essential parts of your bathroom is the Bathroom Fan. This helps keep your mirrors clear when you have a shower, and this also stops the growth of mould and mildew on grout and paint. Moisture over time can cause deterioration, and this can call for repair or replacement of things in your bathroom in the near future. These fans should be cleaned and vacuumed to ensure that they work well. In order to determine if your fan needs to be cleaned, you can place a piece of toilet paper below the fan, if it sticks, then the fan is working, it does not, then you need to clean your fan.

  1. Uncertain Budget

It is common knowledge that DIY projects cost less than getting an outside contractor on hire. This means that you will save on labour costs. Though the costs of material will be the same, these costs should be added to your budget. Determine what you need for your finished bathroom and check the price of different parts that should be purchased. This includes the cabinets, counter tops and tiling and even the smaller things like grout. With a budget, it makes shopping for the project easier, and you can write a list based on the things you need. By hiring a professional for Bathroom renovations in Langwarrin, you can save money in the long run when the project is done well.

  1. Leaving out small mistakes

Though it may seem easy to forget about a cracked tile or forget about the excess sealer at the corner of the bathroom. In time, these issues will prove to be troublesome and therefore, it is better to fix the problem, the minute you find them.

  1. Losing Sight of the End

When it comes to a project, you could lose your focus towards the end. This is especially true when you are completing tasks during the weekends. There are times when you would get frustrated and want to leave it as is. This is rather than trying to complete the bathroom in one shot; you should focus on different pieces like the bathtub or tiling and move on to the next. Breaking the project into smaller parts will give you a sense of accomplishment instead of dreading about the next thing on the list.

  1. Spending Beyond the Budget

The most important thing to consider for a renovation is a budget. You could have found your dream bathroom in your favourite home design magazine or Pinterest board. But, if it is out of budget, then it will not work for you. However, there are ways to get your dream space within your budget. Simply visit your local trade stores with the clipping of the magazine and online images of the ideal space and determine what is within your budget. If there are features that cannot be brought within the budget, then you should find an alternative to it or give it a miss. The important thing that you should do is not to spend way too much or overcapitalise at the risk that you won’t make money back when you want to sell.

  1. Licensed Tradespeople vs Do-It-Yourself

Though you are tempted to save money with a DIY, there are certain parts of the bathroom that need a specialist tradesperson and these things should not be a DIY. One of the most important things in the bathroom that should not be a DIY is plumbing. If you are hiring a licensed professional, it could be a little more expensive in the short terms, but it will ensure that the job is done right the first time and save you considerable money in the long term. This saves you from water damage and costly fixes. There are professionals that still make mistakes, but you can ask your friends and family for suggestions before your sign up with the tradespeople. They should be able to understand what it is that you are looking to achieve and make it happen eventually.

  1. Not Examining the Bathroom Layout

It is important to examine the layout of your space. If it is not planned correctly, then there are chances that you will find yourself bumping into things or not able to reach things properly. This could mean not being able to sit on the toilet comfortably or unable to wash your hands in the sink. In order to avoid this error, you need to plan consciously. If you find that you cannot plan properly, then you should get a plan made by an expert.

  1. Deficient Storage

Bathroom storage is one of the most important things that should not be left out. While it is easy to miss, it is not something that most people pay attention to. But, you can avoid this mistake by taking time to plan the storage. You should opt for eye-level cupboards for those often-used items like grooming products and toothpaste, and then you can add under the counter storage for things that are not frequently used like toilet paper, shampoo, etc.

  1. Different Styles

Determining the best style and sticking to it is very important. This ensures that there is consistency throughout the bathroom and avoids different styles from clashing. This is why you should choose a particular style and colour scheme that is used in the rest of the house, and you would have consistency right through your home. If you are walking through different rooms, you should feel that they are of the same house and not as a collection of interior trends.

When you are doing bathroom renovations in Langwarrin, you should ensure that the tilers in Langwarrin and waterproofing in Langwarrin are affordable and among the best in the business. If you are looking for assistance, then Spotless Trades will help you with your bathroom renovation. Give us a call at 0426 204 090 for further information.

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