Why re-invest in your floors when you can choose the best epoxy floor coating in Melbourne at Spotless Trades?

Epoxy floors add an aesthetic value to any residential, commercial and industrial flooring area and can sustain for a longer time.

Planning on replacing your old floors? No worries.

Epoxy coating can withstand extreme pressures and offers a non-slippery surface. Select from a range of customised flooring options that meet your aesthetic and other requirements. This is why more and more Australians now prefer epoxy flooring over other options.

Why epoxy flooring for the bathroom?

  • Creates a glossy and durable surface
  • Able to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Resistant to the daily wear and tear
  • Offers a slip-resistant surface
  • Requires less maintenance

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and chemical hardeners that is applied to the concrete floor. As a result, it creates a smooth and shiny surface. If you are searching for a flooring solution that gives a stunning and sophisticated finish, epoxy flooring should be number one on your list.

Here are 7 benefits of switching to epoxy flooring in Melbourne

  1. High endurance

Epoxy is a highly durable product and does not crack or chip easily. It is a combination of resin and chemicals with excellent adhesion properties. Epoxy coating has gained immense popularity due to its ability to resist scratches and heavy pressure. It can endure the daily wear and tear which makes it perfect for areas that receive heavy foot traffic such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  1. Low maintenance

Epoxy floor coating in Melbourne is easy to maintain. The shine of the non-porous surface can be retained by regular moping. Epoxy is extremely easy to install and requires no additional chemicals or adhesives for installation.

  1. Better aesthetical value

The seamless design of the epoxy flooring will match your living space’s interiors. It is available in a range of finishes such as metallic and polished. At Spotless Trades, you can find epoxy flooring that offers a neat look with enhanced aesthetic value.

  1. Cost-effective option

Despite the solid resin-coating, epoxy flooring coating is much more economical than hardwood or vinyl flooring. Once you install epoxy flooring in your home, you do not have to worry about the expensive future repairs and maintenance costs. This unique flooring solution will fit your budget.

  1. Safe environment

Ensure safety of your family by installing epoxy flooring for the bathroom. It contains anti-slip additives which reduce the risk of accidents. This flooring option is ideal for both small and large spaces. It won’t be affected by temperature fluctuation, sudden impact and weight overload.

  1. Easy to clean

Epoxy floors are completely sealed and do not attract dirt or debris. You can keep your living space free of dust and allergens. You can follow an easy cleaning process; you do not need any type of specialised cleaning products to maintain their shine.

  1. Customisation

You can explore hundreds of colours and designs for epoxy flooring in Melbourne. Select the right type of flooring depending on your usage and budget.

Give your home a refreshing look with the all-new new epoxy coating.

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