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    Concrete Cancer Repair Melbourne

    Professional Concrete Cancer Repair Services in Melbourne

    The team at Spotless Trades specialises in concrete cancer repair. Our concrete restoration specialist will visit your Melbourne property for a free inspection. He will assess your concrete slab to identify the presence of concrete cancer (also known as concrete spalling) and offer a fixed-price quote for treatment.
    With years of experience in concrete cancer repairs and removal, we will restore your concrete slab to its former glory and ensure it’s safe.
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    We Are Concrete Cancer Treatment Specialists

    Concrete cancer is the result of excessive corrosion of steel in concrete. This could prove to be extremely dangerous to the structural integrity and strength of the flooring and structure.
    Concrete cancer appears when:

    • The reinforcing steel used in the concrete is poorly treated.
    • Incompatible materials are used.
    • The ends of the reinforcement steel are placed adjacent to the surface and end up absorbing water.
    • There’s a fracture in the concrete.

    Many of Melbourne’s older developments have a layer of magnesite on concrete floors. When the surface is exposed to moisture for a long period of time, the magnesite can release harmful chlorides.
    Concrete cancer is a big problem and must be attended to by professionals at the earliest. It is not a DIY job. Our specialists will remove concrete cancer by penetrating the concrete to reach the rusting steel inside it and thoroughly remove the rust, treat the steel rods and waterproof them to make sure the problem doesn’t occur again.
    Depending on the extent of the cancer, our concrete repair specialists may use a Crack Injection Treatment to create a water diverting membrane. If the issue is extremely serious, a more invasive treatment might be necessary.

    Signs of Concrete Cancer

    Our technicians will inspect the concrete and look for signs to identify the presence of concrete cancer and to determine how acute the situation is. There are some tell-tale signs that we will look for:

    • racking concrete.
    • Flaking concrete.
    • Rust stains appear without any external cause.
    • Magnesite flooring.
    • Leakage in concrete roof.
    • Leakage in internal walls.
    • Bubbles in the concrete render (surface finish)

    If you find any of these signs in your concrete, contact our concrete cancer specialists for a free inspection and diagnosis. Repair is far easier and cost-effective when you detect the issue in its early stages. The problem only gets worse when you put it off. So contact our specialists today!

    Our Concrete Cancer Treatment

    Here at Spotless Trades, we use a range of applications to repair concrete cancer. For the best results, we will remove the spalled concrete slab before cleaning and treating the rusted steel.
    The area will then be reconstructed to its original profile using concrete, epoxy mortar or cement mortar. The product we use depends on the structural requirements and the size of the damage. Cracks can be repaired using the injection technique, epoxy resins and specific mortars.
    For more information about our services or a free inspection and quote, click here or call 0426 204 090.

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