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    Plaster Repairs Melbourne

    5-Star Plaster Repairs in Melbourne

    Worried about a damaged plaster wall or ceiling in your home? The trained plasterers from Spotless Trades will repair your plaster and colour-match the job for a quality finish. Whether you need help fixing cracks in a drywall or removing water stains and mould, our plaster repair specialists in Melbourne use quality products and proven techniques to deliver stellar results. At Spotless Trades, our team of plasterers specialise in fixing cracks, holes, dents, scratches, water damage and mould on your plaster walls and ceilings. We have a proven track record of 100% success in plaster repairs to restore your wall to its former glory. We will paint the plaster to a quality finish to flawlessly remove any blemish. You won’t believe the damage was ever there. Contact us today to fix your property.

    Proficient Render Repairs in Melbourne

    No matter the cause of your render repair, we repair all types of rendering. Our specialists can fix all types of render problems and transform your external wall. Some of our services include acrylic render repairs, decorative moulding repairs, textured coating repairs, stucco repairs, coloured render repairs, concrete render repairs and tyrolean repairs.

    Same Day Plaster Repairs

    Our experienced plasterer will begin by inspecting the damaged area of the plasterboard ceiling or wall. Based on his observation, he will create a treatment plan to repair the plasterboard. He will use suitable products to apply a coat of plaster, restore the surface and hide all imperfections in a single visit. Our technician will come equipped with several shades of paint to conceal any blemishes and patches. Using his expertise, skills and knowledge, he will mix several tints on the spot to test the mixture before achieving the perfect match. If necessary, we may even paint the entire ceiling or wall. For larger holes or water damage treatment, we may need more time. So if you suspect water damage or realise that the hole is larger than 30cm, give us a call for a rough estimate.

    Flawless and Effective Plaster Repairs

    No matter the type of plasterboard damage, our specialists can repair it for you. Our systematic and streamlined process ensures quick, effective and flawless results in one visit. Holes smaller than 30cm are typically repaired within a few hours. Our service includes on-site colour-matched painting to achieve a perfect finish, every time. All our work is guaranteed to ensure the damage will be invisible and unnoticeable after the repair.

    Book Your Plaster Repair Service Today!

    Call us on 0426 204 090 or click on the “Request a Quote” button on this page to get a free price quote. One of our friendly executives will arrange your plaster repair appointment on a day and time that suits you. We can schedule a visit on weekends, weeknights and even official holidays.
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