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    Rising Damp Repair Melbourne

    Your Trusted Rising Damp Repair Specialists in Melbourne

    Our qualified rising damp specialists provide proven rising damp treatment to make sure your Melbourne property returns to its dry and safe condition.
    During the initial inspection, our rising damp repair consultant will look for the factors that have caused rising damp and assess the situation. He will also identify and explain the probable cause of the water issues and your options for repair.
    He will then prepare a fixed-price quote for rising damp treatment. Once you approve the proposal, we will send our team of technicians to provide a reliable, professional and permanent rising damp treatment.
    Discuss rising damp treatment with our specialists today by filling in our contact form or give us a call on 0426 204 090.

    The 7 Signs of Damp

    • Water seeps in through cracks in the concrete slabs.
    • Bubbling plaster and paint because of wet walls.
    • Chalky mortar and cracks in walls.
    • Water enters through the expansion joints.
    • Drummy or cracking render.
    • Damp smells and discolouration.
    • Crumbling blocks and bricks.

    How We Treat Rising Damp?

    Typically, there are two ways to fix rising damp:

    • Physical damp proof method.
    • Pressure Injection waterproofing.

    With the physical damp proofing method, you will end up paying a huge sum of money for an imperfect solution. There are two problems with this method. First, by replacing the affected stones or bricks, you’re meddling with your building’s structural integrity. Second, the application of plastic sheet creates problems of its own.
    The injection method (the one we highly recommend and use), however, is not as invasive and does not require the shifting of bricks. This pressure injection dampproofing course has been used across restoration projects on many old buildings across Australia.

    What is Injection Waterproofing?

    In the injection waterproofing system, we use a pump to inject the waterproofing solution into the wet masonry. The solution will fill all the small cavities inside the affected wall and eliminate the rising damp.
    The injection waterproofing system has been designed to make blocks, bricks and concrete waterproof. This results in a solid barrier inside the wall that water cannot pass through.
    We primarily use two products for our rising damp treatments:

    • Polyurethane Expanding Foam – This material enters all the capillaries and holes inside the concrete or blocks to stop rising damp. This system is suitable when you have water seeping and dripping through floors and walls, generally in basements.
    • Silane Siloxane Sealer – This sealer saturates the brick and mortar in the walls to create a waterproof barrier, stopping the water from being absorbed vertically into bricks and blocks.

    Solutions for Water Seepage and Rising Damp

    We offer a range of solutions to stop water seepage which is resulting in rising damp:

    • Create an external waterproofing sheet by way of injection. This will prevent water from entering the wall from outside.
    • Inject sealant into the failing mortar to seal the cracks between the bricks/blocks of the wall.
    • Injecting through the floor to create a blanket of waterproofing beneath the entire slab.
    • Apply negative pressure waterproofing membrane.

    For more information about our services or a free inspection and quote, click here or call 0426 204 090.

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